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Small conductive sheet metal prototypes are commonly fabricated in beryllium copper (BeCu) by Rapid Sheet Metal. Prototype custom beryllium copper parts include contacts, terminals, springs, connectors, battery contacts, leaf springs and more.  Our 24 hour quotes and rapid shipment of custom fabricated beryllium copper prototypes can reduce your development lead-times! Rapid Sheet Metal - Beryllium Copper Connector

Beryllium copper prototypes are commonly heat treated to increase durability, strength and electrical conductivity. Beryllium copper parts can also be plated for increased conductivity as well. Silver plating is a common plating operation for beryllium copper parts.  From simple to complex, fabricating and stamping custom prototypes using beryllium copper is our specialty.  Large or small, thick or thin, send us your 3D CAD data and we will deliver your beryllium copper prototype the way it is designed - on time, no excuses.

Rapid Sheet Metal caters to the electronics, government, transportation, medical, aerospace and security industries as well as others that require custom beryllium copper prototypes. If you need custom beryllium copper prototypes with fast lead times, we are your source. Prototype beryllium copper parts, fabricated and shipped in one to two weeks - expedites available. Small quantities are warmly welcomed!

Fabricated Beryllium Copper PartsRapid Sheet Metal Beryllium Copper Prototypes

  • Beryllium Copper Leaf Springs
  • Beryllium Copper Custom Stamped Parts
  • Beryllium Copper Contacts
  • Beryllium Copper Springs
  • Berryllium Copper Fingers
  • Beryllium Copper Battery Contacts
  • Beryllium Copper Connectors
  • Beryllium Copper Terminals

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